Choosing the Right Footwear For Healthy Feet

Shoes are women’s most favorite accessory.

Passion for beautiful shoes sometimes makes them fit their feet into shoes instead of picking up shoes that fit their feet. This can cause many problems with feet and nails. What should be considered when choosing footwear?

  • Shoes should sit comfortably, fix the ankle, and allow toes to move inside.
  • Shoes should be made of natural materials to allow air and ensure foot hygiene.
  • Shoes should protect feet from mechanical injury (such as shock or pressure).
  • Shoes should not cause bone deformities like a hammer finger, hallux valgus, and hallux radius.
  • The back of your shoes should be soft, so as not to cause pain.
  • To avoid excessive pressure on the rise, the size of the heel should not exceed 5 cm. It is very important to consider that the higher the heel, the greater the risk of bone deformation, ingrown nails, and callus.