10 Habits That Will Make Your Nails Healthy and Strong

10 Habits That Will Make Your Nails Healthy and Strong

Moisturize your hands and nails

Apply a moisturizer before going to bed and every time you feel that your hand skin is dry.

If you do not have a moisturizer you can use olive oil or olive milk as an alternative to moisturizer.

2. Use dishwashing gloves

When washing dishes or cleaning the house make sure to use gloves to avoid harmful chemicals contained in detergents.

3. Wipe your hands after washing

The habit of washing hands is very useful, but not drying them well is very harmful. The likelihood of nail fungus increases greatly if your hands are wet. After bathing, washing your hands, or taking a shower, dry your hands and nails.

4. Wear the right socks

The wrong choice of socks can cause nail fungus. Choose cotton socks and change socks often if you live in a humid warm climate, such as Antalya. If you need additional protection and have problems like nail fungus, you can apply a protective spray on your nails.

5. Do not cut the cuticle

Cutting off the dead skin around the nails creates a risk of infection. This is due to the fact that the cuticles are a natural barrier that prevents the formation of bacteria and fungus.

6. Keep your nails short

Regular nail trimming is one of the most important steps that ensure their strength. Trim the nails on your hands, giving them an oval shape to avoid fungus. Toenails, however, should be cut as straight as possible to avoid the formation of an ingrown nail. Use paper and cardboard files, because metal ones can damage the nails and increase their fragility.

7. Choose the right beauty center

If you prefer to have your manicure done in a beauty center choose the ones with perfect hygienic conditions.

8. Do not use artificial nails

If you use extended nails be very careful when removing them, as artificial nails can cause serious damage to your nails. If your nails need aesthetic correction, it is better to use gel materials for nail extension.

9. Do not bite your nails

In moments of excitement and stress, people sometimes bite their nails. For some of us, it even becomes a habit. When you bite your nails germs, dust, and dirt accumulated on the nails get directly into your body. This causes many health problems from gastric and intestinal parasites to nails infection. Therefore get rid of nail-biting habits and get used to trimming them regularly.

10. Consume biotin supplements

Biotin (B group vitamin) has a positive effect on nail health. Biotin prevents brittle and detached nails. In addition, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and silicone-containing nail products, such as biotin, provide nail strength.