Every organism has the ability to heal itself. Reflexology stimulates this ability through pressing on specific areas of hands and feet. By means of physiological reflex mechanisms reflexology helps normalize the functions of the internal organs.

Reflexology can be applied to different parts of the body, but the feet are a special area where thousands of nerve endings, hundreds of tendons and ligaments, dozens of large and small bones and muscles are concentrated. Therefore, reflexological foot massage has a significant therapeutic effect.

Stress is a phenomenon of the modern era which provokes the development or progression of diseases in the body. Certain points on the feet have nerve connections to the brain centers that regulate the functioning of the internal organs. Pressing on these points helps release the stress and restore balance.

Of course, reflexology does not promise a miraculous cure for each disease. However, it is very beneficial, especially with stress-induced psychosomatic diseases.

Reflexology cannot be used in cases of infection, trauma, injuries, varicose veins, high fever, surgical cases, pregnancy, menstrual period, diabetes, and cancer.