Treatment of Ingrown Nails with Orthonxsie

Treatment of Ingrown Nails with Orthonxsie

Ingrown toenails are a fairly common health problem. And despite the fact that it poisons everyday life, it’s not given much attention.

Most patients suffering from ingrown nails try to find relief with ointments and foot baths. Time is running out, pain is getting worse, and the condition is aggravated even more.

Medical treatment with braces called Orthonyxie is the most effective and painless treatment of ingrown nails (unguis incarnatus).

Braces used for this process are made of surgical titanium or steel and are introduces directly to the relevant area. The purpose of nail braces is to ease the load by lifting the nail, padding it out, and creating space for the healing process without deformation of the nail.

Orthorexia also applies in the following cases:

  • problems caused by improper nail clipping
  • nail problems in people with diabetes
  • in the late stages of thinned nails deformation
  • in traumatic nail damage
  • for congenital deformation of nails
  • in case of nail channel and nail bed inflammation.

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