What Happens If Foot Fungus Is Untreated?

What Happens If Foot Fungus Is Untreated?

Foot fungus is a very common disease. It does not go away by itself and is characterized by symptoms such as itching and peeling between toes and on soles. However, subject to certain rules, it is easy to cure.

The main problem in foot fungus treatment is the wrong medications recommended to patients. It is assumed that some "natural" "herbal" drugs that are sold in markets, herbalists or even in pharmacies can cure foot fungus. Sometimes these drugs provide temporary relief, for example, they can relieve itching, but do not eliminate the fungus which leads to an even greater spread of fungal infection.

People do not consider the need in proper medical treatment. They start believing that it is impossible to get rid of the fungal infection, put up with it and allow fungus spread in their bodies.

As a result of fungal infections the integrity of the skin on the untreated foot is impaired. This can lead to the occurrence of secondary infections.

But the most annoying thing is that the fungus spreads to the nail area. This causes such complaints as nail thickening, discoloration and dystrophy, as well as ingrown nails.

Unlike foot fungus, nail fungus is a very persistent disease that requires a long, time-consuming and expensive treatment. If nail fungus is not eliminated in a timely manner, an ingrown nail may occur, which is a very painful condition.

The sooner you start treating fungal infection, the easier it is to solve this problem.