Why having medical hand and foot care?

Why having medical hand and foot care?

As the specialists of a foot health center we observe a common problem in almost all patients.

They are not aware of their feet and nail diseases, they do not take adequate measures of protection and do not realize the importance of medical care.

Healthy skin and nails look aesthetically pleasing and protect the body. The skin and nail barrier should be healthy, so you should pay attention to such signs as cracks, dryness, and excessive sweating.

Proper and suitable care is the fundamental principle of nail disease prevention. Dermatologists and orthopedists professionally evaluate the condition of the patient’s skin and nails at a glance. Based on the patient's history and visual examination they can offer a solution to the patient's problem taking into account the current condition and possible risks.

Unlike manicure and pedicure, medical care takes into account the individual needs of the skin and nails.

Medical care for hands and feet treats nail fungus, thickened nails, cracked heels, corns, ingrown nails, and also includes preventive procedures for healthy hands and feet.

Instead of using tweezers/clippers and scissors to remove dead skin tissue and nails, we use a dry system device (a high-speed rasp).

Special SPA procedures and care products increase the resistance of the skin and nail barrier. Personalized disposable paraffin waxes, warm masks, anti-aging vitamin ampoules, skin lightening creams, intensive revitalizing moisturizers, firmers matched to the type of nails, and additional massage treatments make the procedures pleasant and relaxing and turn them into a little vacation at the DK Foot Health.