One of the most common foot problems is cracked heels. There are many reasons that contribute to the formation of heel fissures. However, the main reason is the cracks on the calloused skin tissue.

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The following factors also contribute to the formation of cracks: dry climate, genetic predisposition, wearing shoes with an open back part, long legs, incorrect foot setting, use of diuretic drugs. Thyroid diseases, diabetes, foot eczema, anemia, and obesity also contribute to the formation of heel fissures.

Cracks are caused by health problems and often cause pain as the heel skin is damaged exposing the nerve endings. Cracked heels can cause infection creating an “open gate” for germs.

Treatment of cracks begins by grinding the calloused skin on the heels. Sequential sessions of heel abrasion with special devices and medical feet care normalize the thickness of the skin tissue. It is also important to improve skin elasticity and provide effective moisturizing.

In addition to the treatment it is important to select proper shoes and, if necessary, insoles in order to make the healing process faster and prevent recurrence of the problem.

You can see how cracked heels are treated in our clinic: