Thickening of soles due to various factors is called hyperkeratosis. This reaction occurs in case of an incorrect foot position while walking. There are areas where foot skin is physiologically thicker, namely heels, thumb and outer part of the foot. These areas experience the most pressure under the weight of the whole body. Foot defects, such as heel flattening, flat feet, or valgus deformity, can cause skin thickening especially if these areas are constantly under pressure.

Thin-skinned areas of the foot which are subject to frequent irregular effects lead to skin thickening which we call hyperkeratosis. Thickening in this region is most often observed with increasing pressure on the second and third toes. Hyperkeratosis can be painful.

The best approach in treating foot skin thickening is to eliminate the factors causing it. Personalized insoles are the best solution to correct the distribution of body weight. Thus, hyperkeratosis can go away by itself after about 2 months. However, if there are permanent deformations the problem may recur if you do not use the insoles. You can use insoles regularly. There are also options of surgical treatment to correct the wrong foot position, which causes pressure.