Hands are exposed to sunlight, cold, shock, friction, and aging more than any other part of our body. Therefore, they need special care. Besides, different parts of the hands, such as skin, nails, and nail beds, require special care techniques. It is very important to take care of your hands regularly because improving hand skin quality is extremely difficult.

Medical hand care or medical manicure is carried out according to scientific methods in highly hygienic and even sterile conditions. Medical hand care is performed by a certified specialist using special care products. It solves problems such as corns and keratinization. Nail shortening and cuticle removal are done without cutting or trimming.

Improper manicure and trimming can cause infections, deformation, and deterioration of the nail anatomy. In medical care, cuticles are never cut but gently removed with the help of special techniques and equipment. This is an important investment in the future of healthy and beautiful hands.

Watch this video to see how medical hand care is performed in our clinic: