medikal pedikür

Medical foot care is a medical pedicure procedure performed in accordance with the special needs of your feet. First of all, you need to identify possible problems with your feet.

Corns, ingrown nails, nails thickening, cracked heels, non-healing wounds, fungal infections, skin thickening due to improper selection of shoes, slow healing caused by diabetes - such problems and their causes should be identified.

To do this, a foot care specialist performs a thorough examination.

If necessary, a patient is referred to a dermatologist, so that no problem remains unresolved. If any problem is found, you should first fix it with proper treatment.

Foot care is a procedure for disease-prone feet that requires regular special care even after appropriate treatment.

medikal ayak bakımı

Medical foot care differs from standard pedicure as follows:

  • it is carried out by a foot health specialist knowledgeable in feet diseases;
  • sterile environment and instruments sterilized under surgical conditions;
  • foot care performed with the help of special equipment for foot diseases;
  • feet are never kept in water;
  • no trimming of tissues around the nails.

There are also important benefits of medical foot care for healthy, non-problematic feet.

  • There is no risk of infection since no trimming of tissue is performed.
  • Prevents problems of ingrown nails and fungi which often occur during a pedicure.
  • Prevents damage to living tissues and their possible thickening, which happens after a pedicure due to trimming.

How is medical foot care performed at the DK Foot Health unit? Watch our video.