Permanent Epilation

Permanent Epilation; DK Klinik, ANTALYA

Unwanted body and face hair are among the most ancient enemies of women. Women of different cultures continuously struggle with undesired hair using various ways to get rid of it. But, unfortunately, the ideal way to remove unwanted hair has not been found yet. Some methods are easy to apply but require frequent sessions, others are painful or rather expensive.

To determine the appropriate method of hair removal, it is necessary to examine the rate and causes of hair growth. Excessive hair growth can occur in women as a result of hormonal imbalance (hirsutism), systemic diseases or as a result of prolonged use of certain drugs (cortisone, etc.). A suitable method of hair removal can be chosen only after a dermatologist or endocrinologist reveals and analyzes the causes of excessive hair growth.

1.) Methods of temporary hair removal:

Shaving: This is the most common and easiest method, but since the roots of the hair are not damaged, the hair reappears very quickly. Contrary to popular belief shaving does not cause thickening of the hair and does not increase its growth. Short hairs feel coarse until they reach their normal length.

Waxing: This method gives the most long-term results of all temporary methods. However, this is a relatively painful practice. The disadvantage is that hairs can be removed with wax only after they have grown enough. Repeated use may reduce the intensity of hair growth in some people.

Chemical depilatories: a cream or lotion containing chemical substances to be applied on hairy areas. When they get under the skin, they destroy the protein structure of the hair and it falls out. This method of hair removal has a longer-lasting effect than shaving. However, the use of chemicals longer than the specified time can irritate the skin and cause various dermatological problems. Creams for depilation of hair on the legs or arms should never be used on the face.

Tweezers and thread for hair removal are more painful methods and are used for small areas. Since the hair is removed with the root, its growth takes longer than with waxing.

2.) Methods of permanent hair removal:

We should not forget that there is no easy, cheap, and very effective method of hair removal. There are only two methods of permanent hair removal in the world.

These are laser epilation and electroepilation. You can click on them for detailed information.