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Things You Need to Know About Botox | DK Klinik

People thinking of having Botox for the first time need to know about the procedure before they actually decide on having it.

A lot has changed since 2002 when we started providing Botox injection services. People were hesitant about this rejuvenating procedure, but it has turned into a beauty routine that many people have adopted to look better.

According to the research carried out by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2013, Botox has a share of 43% among all non-surgical aesthetic procedures (Botox, fillers, laser epilation, chemical peeling, etc.).

Despite this growing interest in Botox, the questions coming from people who want to try Botox for the first time remain the same.

If you want to try Botox for the first time, we want to save you from the burden of saying "Wish I knew it before." So we’ve prepared a list of 11 facts regarding the questions we have come across.

1. Learn if Botox is a suitable solution for you.

Botox is a solution for you if you have wrinkles caused by mimic movements regardless of your age. These wrinkles emerge in the outer corner of the eyes, forehead, and in between the eyebrows. However, Botox cannot be done in certain conditions. You can learn more about this further in this article.

2. Choose a good doctor and be open and honest with him/her.

Botox is injected inside the facial muscles. Therefore it needs to be done by plastic surgeons or dermatologists who are knowledgeable in face anatomy and mimic muscles. Your doctor’s experience is also crucial for getting ideal results since mimic muscles vary from person to person.

Ask as many questions as you want until you are satisfied with the answers. You should also share your expectations openly and thoroughly discuss them with your doctor.

3. Botox is safe because...

The use of Botox has been consistently increasing since the very beginning. This has two main reasons:

Firstly, the satisfaction rate of people who had Botox is very high.

According to independent user reviews in, the biggest review and information website for aesthetic procedures, the satisfaction rate of those who had Botox is 95%. This number proves that Botox is by far the most efficient cosmetic procedure in the world.

Secondly, it is a safe cosmetic procedure.

There are two factors that make a procedure become worldwide in the aesthetic industry: satisfaction rate and safety of the procedure. For example, there is a decrease in the use of some types of silicone implants for breast augmentation because of their possible side effects. Even if not every single breast augmentation patient faces serious health issues, many kinds of research and experiences have raised doubts about the procedure. Therefore a lot of clinics gave up applying the procedure.

Botox has an almost flawless history of possible side effects.

According to FDA reports quite a few severe side-effects have been encountered during the 14 years of procedure tracking. And we must add that we have never encountered any severe side-effects after thousands of Botox procedures applied for many years in our clinic.

Botox has been safely used for many years not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the treatment of cross-eye, sweating, migraine, and several neurological disorders.

Note: Botox can only be a safe procedure when applied by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Procedures applied with low-quality materials by under-the-counter businesses that have no approval of the Ministry of Health are not safe and can cause serious health problems.

4. What if Botox goes wrong?


You can have a natural rejuvenation if your Botox is applied in the right amounts considering muscle volumes in your face. Botox overdose especially in vertical lines can cause a frozen face. You see it on TV in some celebrities. But in fact, you come across many people with Botox in the street every day but you don't even notice them.

5. Your wrinkles won’t get worse when you stop using Botox.


Many people think so, but it is wrong. You will only look the way you used to before you started using Botox. The reason for this misconception is that you get used to a wrinkle-free face in the mirror, and when Botox loses its effects it feels like it's worse than before. Besides, regular use of Botox slows down wrinkle formation.

6. Creams or masks cannot make up for Botox

We advise you not to trust products promoted as "Botox creams" or "miraculous Botox face masks" in the market. There is no cream or facial mask that can give results even close to the Botox effects described in the scientific literature.

Botox would lose all its popularity if creams do the same thing.

Of course, there are more effective ways than Botox. Those are habits like regular exercise, healthy nutrition, staying away from stress, and daily skincare.

Daily skincare doesn't demand spending thousands of pounds on creams that claim to have Botox effect.

We have prepared an infographic to help you protect your skin from aging. You can see it here.

7. Botox is not suitable for everyone.

Botox is quite safe. You need to avoid it in rare cases such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, or neurological disorders.

8. You can use Botox for different purposes other than beauty.

One of the increasingly common uses of Botox is the treatment of excessive sweating. Sweating stops for six months as a result of Botox injections in the armpits. Apart from that, Botox is used to treat migraines and some chronic pain.

9. You can prevent wrinkle formation if you start having Botox earlier.


Many people face their past with regret when they see wrinkles on their faces and say "I wish I've never started smoking", "I wish I have paid more attention to my nutrition", "I wish I have used sunscreen regularly" or "I wish I have never used a tanning booth."

What if we told you there will be more people saying "I wish I started having Botox earlier"?

Our genetic heritage, nutritional habits, exposure to ultraviolet light, and intense facial expressions such as smiling, crying, or anger can cause our skin to age faster.

This is exactly where preventive Botox treatment comes in.

Wrinkles are inevitable because of smiling, frowning, crying, and all those facial expressions that cause facial muscles to constantly contract plus the reasons we mentioned above.

The purpose of preventive Botox is to reduce facial muscle use at earlier ages so that even when patients stop using Botox in the future their face will have relatively fewer wrinkles compared to the previous state.

So, exactly what age should you start having Botox injections?

Let's listen to the advice of Dr. Meltem Şentürk:

"FDA defined the appropriate age range as 18 - 65 for Botox procedures.

So, people who want to minimize their wrinkles are eligible for the procedure as long as they are in this age range and meet the necessary health requirements.

Botox should not be applied to people under 18 years of age even if they persist. This is because people under 18 haven't matured sufficiently for the procedure.

A patient needs to be able to understand the risks and describe his/her expectations from a cosmetic procedure.

There is no "perfect age" to start having Botox. We recommend that you start using Botox before your wrinkles appear. Let me explain it this way:

There are two types of wrinkles. Static and dynamic. If the wrinkle forms when you smile or express emotion and disappears when the facial expression is gone, then it is a dynamic wrinkle. And the wrinkles that are there even when there are no mimics are called static wrinkles. We recommend you start using Botox before static wrinkles form. On the other hand, Botox can be very effective even when static wrinkles are formed.

Depending on genetic factors, the amount of exposure to sunlight, smoking and many other factors static wrinkles can start forming in different ages in different people.

After lots of international research and thousands of Botox procedures I have performed, my personal observation is this: starting Botox at an earlier age significantly reduces wrinkle formation."

10. This product has its market price. Avoid the ones that are too cheap.

Botox cannot be priced in the open market because it is a medicine. Every clinic or hospital purchases Botox products for the price determined by the Ministry of Health. The procedures applied by doctors in medical establishments have the same price range. The Ministry of Health has licensed and approved only two products in our country. These are "Botox" which gives the procedure its name and "Dysport". Both of the brands are trusted and used worldwide.

Businesses that have super-low prices might be importing fake products from China. You need to be careful.

On the other hand, Botox products used in Turkey are the same as the ones used in trusted establishments in Europe but prices are notably lower.

11. Botox is budget-friendly

An effective Botox injection costs around 400 to 600 TL and the effects last for 4 to 6 months. Compared to the creams of reputed brands sold in the market, Botox prices are quite reasonable.

You can significantly diminish the wearing effects of years for only 100 TL a month.