An Aesthetician's Non-Surgical Facelift Experience: Story Told in Her Own Words

An Aesthetician's Non-Surgical Facelift Experience

12 years ago I came to DK Klinik for a job interview. In the waiting room, I paid attention to the people who came for Botox. It was just becoming popular back then.

Botox was virtually a revolution in my sector. Because for the first time a procedure was able to actually fulfill its anti-aging promises.

The satisfaction rate was so high that patients were talking about the results in their circle and more people were coming to the clinic for Botox every day.

And I thought to myself, "If such a revolution can be made today, what else could happen in the aesthetic industry in the future?"

I think we are now in the future that I thought about back then. Because my experience and observations clearly show me that thread lifting - a.k.a non-surgical face lifting - is the new revolution in the industry.

The procedure has great advantages. Let me tell you some of them:

Since it's a non-surgical procedure the level of pain is minimal, you don't have to wait for recovery, you can get back to your daily life right after the procedure, no scars are left and you see the effects right away.islem_sirasinda

As a DK Klinik employee, I too had several procedures such as Botox, fillers, laser epilation, laser resurfacing, and chemical peeling. However, because I was already 38 years old and I believed in the effects, I was thinking about asking our dermatologist Dr. Meltem to apply the thread lifting to me too.

During a coffee break on a busy day, I noticed that Dr. Meltem was looking carefully at my face and I thought I had coffee on my face.

I asked "Is something wrong?" and she suddenly said to me "Anime, I will do thread lifting to you. When is our last patient leaving today? We're not going anywhere after that." She was almost reading my mind.

Although I was thinking about having the procedure for the last few days I wasn't ready at all that day. It was quite a shock to me.

I have to say that looking younger wasn't the only reason I wanted to have thread lifting. If you have come to our clinic before, you probably know that I do the preliminary talk with our patients in general.

So, people who want to have information about any of our services primarily get it from me.

I feel more comfortable when I tell our patients about the procedures I've had myself instead of the ones I've never tried.

Thus, I can easily explain to them what exactly they will go through or what results they will have. So I have the chance to put myself in your shoes.

It would be unreasonable to reject an offer coming from Dr. Meltem when she actually read my mind.02 (ertesi gün)

And as you guess, we went ahead at the end of the day.

So, let me cut it short and get to the experience.

First, you are applied local anesthesia to relieve the pain. Sometimes patients need light general anesthesia. Since pain threshold levels change for every person, you decide with your doctor on the anesthetic to be used. Local anesthesia was enough for me because I got used to cosmetic procedures over the course of years.

The procedure is essentially based on lifting up the sagged skin with anti-allergic barbed sutures that degrade under the skin.

There are so many different products and techniques of application, so it is important to have enough experience.

You can have an idea from an image and a short video of me during the procedure.

I got back to work the next day. Naturally, I had some swelling and bruises for a day or two. It wasn't so bad that I couldn't go to work. I was able to cover it with makeup. If you want to avoid getting out with swellings and bruises you can choose to have the procedure on Friday, so that you can have enough time to recover until the next Monday.

One week after the procedure swelling and bruises on my face almost disappeared.

And 3 months after the procedure the effect was at its perfect. I could clearly see that my skin looked younger.

So what changed in my face? Frankly speaking, my procedure wasn't very intense, not many threads were used. The depth of the tear troughs under my lower eyelids decreased and that area tightened. Depth of the nasolabial groove between my nose and cheeks decreased. Corners of my mouth rose slightly. But the most important change was the tightening and recovery of my jawline. My face has become narrower and more feminine.


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Short notes:

  • If you are not scared of going under the knife surgical face-lift gives brilliant results too. Today more and more esthetic procedures are done without the need of surgery and the results are almost the same. In short, with non-surgical procedures, we have started getting nearly the same results as the ones you get with surgery. Non-surgical facelift is maybe the most important example of this.
  • According to, one of the most important websites in the world that includes many recommendations by patients about esthetic procedures, 82 out of 100 patients recommend non-surgical facelift, which is considered as a very good ratio in our industry. In other words, the majority of people who have had the procedure are really happy with it.
  • The procedure has many advantages over surgical facelifts. For example, you can go back to your previous state if you don't like the results. It is cheaper than other surgical options. Health risks are lower compared to surgical procedures. The pain after the procedure is significantly lower than the pain you will feel after surgery.
  • The effects last for 2-3 years and it can easily be reapplied.
  • One of the concerns about this procedure is its cost. Of course, it is a lot more economical compared to surgical solutions. The price largely depends on the number and type of the threads. I can say that it changes between 2000 TL and 5000 TL. You probably wonder how much my procedure cost. It was around 2500 TL.