What Does a Dermatologist do to Take Care of Her Own Skin?

What Does a Dermatologist do to Take Care of Her Own Skin?

Note: This article is written by a dermatologist Meltem Şentürk, founder of DK Klinik.

I often hear a question from both social media and people who come to our clinic.

"Dr. Meltem, we apply what you recommend but do you have your own secrets of having beautiful skin?"

One may think that an owner of dermatology and aesthetic clinic can apply a great variety of procedures for her own skin. The answer to this question is both yes and no.

There are many very effective devices and procedures in our clinic. However, most of them are applied in case of specific skin problems. Of course, I use some of them to myself to deal with aging.

On the other hand, the right approach is to delay wrinkle formation and various skin problems. From this viewpoint keeping our skin healthy largely depends on our personal habits.

I always primarily use preventive medicine for both myself and my patients, which means delaying wrinkle formation as much as possible.

Factors essential for our health such as regular sleep, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, no smoking, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption are important for skin health and appearance as well. However, below I would like to share with you the frequency and cost of the procedures I do for my skin.

1. Using moisturizers:

It plays a crucial role in supporting and protecting our skin from external factors and the negative effects of aging.

The brand of the product doesn't matter but I still use only reliable brands that are suitable for my skin. Obviously, I don't mention any of them here, but I have to say that I often change the brands I use out of professional curiosity. Let me share a secret:

I got the best result from a national brand that only produces dermatological shampoo and creams. I'd say my annual cost of moisturizer is 300 TL.

2. Sunscreens:

It's a routine I have never disrupted. I apply sunscreens 15 minutes before I go out every day of the year whatever the weather is. If I have something to do in an open area in summer, I always refresh it at noon. The annual cost is 200 TL.

3. Chemical peeling and oxygen therapy:

I have those procedures to revitalize my skin damaged during the summer months because no matter how careful I am I need to eliminate the negative effects of the sun. Every autumn or winter I refresh and revitalize my skin with 2 sessions of chemical peeling with glycolic acid and oxygen therapy. The total cost is 600 TL.

4. Botox:

I use this legendary skincare method too. I have Botox twice a year and that is enough for my wrinkles. Usually, Botox needs to be refreshed every 4 months. But regular use of Botox extends the time of its effect, so now having Botox once in 6 months is sufficient for me. Along with its wrinkle reduction effect Botox prevents the formation of new wrinkles. The total cost is 1200 TL. Of course, it is cheaper for me since I'm applying it myself :). You can read about it here.

As a result, with an annual cost of 2000-2500 TL, you can have beautiful radiant skin.