Interview About Non-Surgical Face Lift with Meltem Şentürk

Interview About Non-Surgical Face Lift with Meltem Şentürk

Hello, Dr. Meltem.

Today we wanted to ask you about non-surgical face-lift. Although we're not quite sure if it's called a non-surgical face-lift...

There are a lot of terms used for this procedure. Non-surgical face-lift, thread lifting, spider web, Woffles lift, V-lift... Are they all the same? If not, what are the differences?

In general, all of those terms are used to describe the same method. But the most accurate name is "thread lifting". Other names are its subcategories. For example, the spider web is the way threads are placed under the skin and it might not be suitable for everyone. And V-lift is the brand for a product used for this procedure.

Is it suitable for people with sensitive skin?

It does not cause irritation on the skin surface as the procedure is applied in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin. And it is suitable for sensitive skin.

However, small redness may occur for a short while at the needle insertion areas.

What are the side effects? We are witnessing many bad examples of beauty treatment, both surgical and non-surgical. Are there any risks?

Even though very slight, there still can be some side effects. Of course, at this point, it is important to choose the right medical center and doctor that will perform your rejuvenation and aesthetic procedures. Not only non-surgical facelift but also other procedures like Botox, fillers, laser epilation have their risks. The experience of the specialist applying the procedure, hygiene standards of the center, and many other factors also play a great role in minimizing the side effects.

If you are planning to have a non-surgical facelift we recommend that you do research about the clinic and the doctor. If you see a lot of complaints about that clinic we advise you to approach it with caution and collect more information.

Patients may have some side effects, such as swelling, sensitivity in the relevant skin areas, and bruises but none of them are permanent.

How long does the procedure take?

It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Does the procedure need to be repeated?

As you know, procedures like Botox or fillers require regularity. They need to be reapplied every 4 months on average. Or, the effect of laser epilation is only visible after a few sessions. However, a non-surgical facelift is completed at the end of a 1-hour operation on average and the effect can last up to several years.

The long-term effect of thread lifting is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. Of course, the other reason is the high satisfaction rate of the procedure.

Can it be combined with other procedures?

Yes. Many patients have some procedures applied to eyebrows, around the eyes, or in the middle of the face at the same time. Several simultaneous procedures do not cause a change or delay in the recovery process.

Can you tell us about the prices?

Price is one of the most troublesome aspects. The treatment is done using "polydioxanone". This product stays under the skin for a few months and its effects last for approximately 2 years and it is made of very special material. The reliability of this material is very important. Because, unfortunately, the market is abundant in low-quality cheap products from the Far East. However, there can cause problems both in terms of side-effects and the result of the procedure.

The price of a good, safe procedure starts from 1000 dollars. Today, the face lifting procedure should be approached with suspicion if it is cheaper than 1000 dollars in the market.

Is thread lifting getting more popular? Because we hear more people talking about the procedure.

Yes. Absolutely. Botox, fillers, and laser hair removal have been the top-requested services in our clinic, but from now on non-surgical facelift methods are in the top 4.

We don't think that it is a temporary trend because its satisfaction rate is quite high. People who benefit from the service get fascinated when they see the difference with their own eyes. Likewise, their friends and people around tell them that they look younger.

If we see constant satisfaction then we can say that this technique is getting more popular and is here to stay.