Dermaroller; DK Klinik, ANTALYA

What is Dermaroller and how is it applied?

Dermaroller is a cylindrical apparatus covered with very fine needles.

The procedure is based on the principle that this cylinder is rolled over the skin to open thousands of micro-holes. It is also called mesoroller or micro needling. Micro traumas created by the holes in the skin make the organism initiate its own regeneration mechanisms.

The repair process and increase in growth factors cause significant collagen tissue growth. It takes several months to see the maximum effect. Dermaroller is applied in various directions for the needles to go through the different targeted regions. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure various therapeutic products can be used. The effect of therapeutic products on the skin surface increases 200 % due to the absorption during the Dermaroller procedure. It is not painful even though it is based on the needling principle. In any case, local anesthetic creams can be applied before the procedure to prevent any possible pain.

You can watch how Dermaroller is applied in our clinic:

What are the features of the Dermaroller device?


Dermaroller apparatuses used for medical purposes have a needle length of 1 mm - 1,5 mm - 2 mm depending on the problem area and the indication. In addition, models with 0.2 and 0.5 mm long needles are suitable for home use mostly for additional purposes, but in this case, sterility is a concern. Dermaroller to be used in the procedure should have very smooth and symmetrical needles made of stainless steel, and without any adhesives used in the installation.

What are the application areas?

Dermaroller has a wide application area. First of all, it is an anti-aging application, restructuring the skin, eliminating fine lines, reducing sun damage. In addition, it is effectively applied for important problems such as scars and burn marks, stretch marks, acne scars. It gives satisfactory results in the reduction of the enlarged pore structure of the skin, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. Hair loss is one of the areas where Dermaroller application is successful.

What is the effect?

Micro-damage caused by Dermaroller triggers the repair process of the body, increases collagen formation and blood circulation. Renewal of old and dry skin provides removal of the dead layer, the introduction of new cells which leads to anti-aging effects.

You can watch how Dermaroller is applied in our clinic to treat stretch marks: