5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Center

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Center

Learn who exactly will apply the procedure

Today laser hair removal procedures are performed in many beauty centers and even hair salons.

Even though these places have massive signboards and advertisements everywhere they are not authorized for the procedure. Laser hair removal is only legally possible in businesses controlled by a medical doctor. Although they do not have a license and permission, almost every beauty center can perform a procedure that can directly affect your health, and this damages the reputation of the procedure in general. This leads to the perception that laser hair removal is a simple procedure and it can be done anywhere.

In fact, it is quite different. Businesses that work outside of their field of expertise without a supervision of a medical doctor and have no license from the Ministry of Health, unfortunately, threaten public health.

Although laser hair removal procedures have a low complication rate compared to other cosmetic procedures, it is important to remember that every cosmetic procedure may have risks, and it is important to choose the clinics with trained staff, experienced estheticians, and knowledgeable medical doctors who can minimize the possible risks.

2. Learn what type of devices will be used

We always emphasize that laser hair removal is effective due to the proper systematic approach, not just the laser device but this does not mean that devices do not matter at all.

We lately hear that some businesses use devices that are not specifically developed for laser epilation but still can remove hair. These devices do not have the necessary design, software, and hardware for laser hair removal, so their effectiveness can be lower compared to the devices designed especially for laser epilation.

On the other hand, laser models known to be effective can be imported from the Far East ten times cheaper. These devices even have CE marking. But you still need to make sure that the laser devices need to have FDA approval too.

Unfortunately, many complications become possible especially when unqualified people and the wrong devices come together.

3. Learn the experience and references of the company

As we have mentioned before, the industry of under-the-counter businesses is growing bigger not only in the product sector but also in the sector of services like laser epilation, fillers, and Botox injections.

In order to protect your health and avoid bad scenarios, please check the internet reviews about the company you are interested in and whether they take their job seriously and respond to negative comments.

We also advise you not to hesitate to ask how many years they are in this business and how many procedures have been performed so far.

Of course, nowadays even the biggest brands can get negative feedback on the Internet, or sometimes companies can post positive comments about themselves. How can we learn the truth?

It is critical to look for the details like how they respond to the complaints and whether they clarify the things or not.

You can also ask people around you about the company and its business.

Another option is to ask your friends from Facebook or other social media channels if they have any information about the company.

4. Learn the average price

There is always a possibility that the number of sessions will be more than you expect when you have laser hair removal.

Many doctors will tell you how many sessions you need after the first session based on many factors such as your skin color and the reaction of your skin to the laser beam.

Remember that you are paying for a procedure that can affect your health and it is your most natural right to know how much it will cost you when the procedure is complete. Find out the price range in the very beginning, so that you do not have any surprises.

Compare prices in the market. At this point, we advise you to approach with suspicion the establishments that provide their services for very low prices. Because in case of a negative scenario, your costs will increase both materially and psychologically.

How come some companies offer very low prices ...

The initial investment costs are very low (meaning the devices were imported from China), the maintenance costs are very low (meaning parts that need regular replacement have not been changed, the device is almost broken), they run the risk of complications (meaning no supervision of a medical doctor).

5. Don't settle for a phone consultation or the Internet. Go see the place with your own eyes, use a free consultation

Many clinics provide free consulting services if requested. Even if you’ve read some positive feedback from others, make sure you go to the clinic yourself and pay attention to how clean, organized and corporate the company is.

Pay attention to the quality of the answers to your questions. Ask everything that comes to your mind.

Don't hesitate to ask questions like what measures they take against the risks of complications or how experienced the person who will apply the procedure to you is.

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