8 Things you Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

8 Things you Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be applied to any area of the body. But...

It cannot be done on eyelids. In women legs, arms, armpits, and bikini areas are the most responsive areas to the laser. In men back, chest, shoulders, and stomach are target areas.

It takes longer to remove hair in the areas with a thin layer of skin like the chin and where hair is sparser.

You can have pain in some regions

It is difficult to claim that laser hair removal is completely painless but the feeling of pain is instant and minimal. This pain can be felt especially in sensitive regions. This negative side-effect can be minimized with powerful cooling mechanisms of the devices and other approaches.

It requires patience. Don't trust claims like "100% guarantee", "Ultimate solution", "One session therapy".

Treatment cannot be completed in only one session. The number of sessions varies depending on the region where it is applied, but it gives results after 4 to 8 sessions. Keep in mind that laser hair removal is a medical procedure and just like in any other medical procedure you shouldn’t trust disreputable and implausible claims.

On the other hand, no health institution in the world has proven their reliability to make claims like "100% guarantee".

It is important for your health and budget not to trust this kind of statement.

Wait for a while if you have tanned skin

Laser hair removal cannot be applied to tanned skin because the laser epilation device will have a problem detecting hair. This is why you have to stop sunbathing a while before you have laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal done to the under-the-lips region is not permanent

This region is not different from the others. Although it is rare, hormonal changes can occur in women due to some diseases of aging. Estrogen and testosterone levels can fluctuate because of these reasons, which may cause hair growth around the lips or other regions of the body. These are new hairs, not the ones that have been epilated in the previous sessions.

Don't use wax depilation on the target area, shave it with a razor if necessary

It is important that your hair is grown when you come for the initial interview or the first laser epilation session. It will be easy to assess the details of the target area and set the dose of the light beam. Shaving your hair is done in our clinic. However, if you want to remove your hair at home while coming to periodic sessions or if your hair grows long before your session, there is a very important point to consider. Don't use hair removal methods such as wax, epilator, or hair removal creams that remove the hair from its root. Since there is no hair root, laser devices cannot detect it which makes laser epilation impossible.

You have to quit these before the treatment

If you are using Roaccutane, you should stop using it 6 months before the treatment because it makes your skin sensitive to rays, prevents the renewal of damaged cells, and increases the risk of skin burn.

  • Stop using hair bleaching products 1 month before the treatment.
  • Don't use methods that remove the hair root, such as tweezing or waxing.

The laser device type is crucial for the success

There are various types of devices and brands on the market which is quite confusing. However, the effectiveness of laser hair removal has been clearly demonstrated in the scientific medical literature. It is not possible to solve problems in all body areas with only one device.

Maximum success can be provided by using Alexandrite-type devices in the body areas and diode-type devices in the face area. And Nd-Yag type devices are used on deep, unresponsive hair. However, IPL type devices are far from being successful. Besides we need to add that laser devices are expensive but their sustainability costs significantly add to that as well. Some parts, especially the light emitters, should be replaced at certain intervals. When this cost is avoided, the success of hair removal decreases.

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