What we learned from 225 418 sessions of laser hair removal since 2002?

What we learned from 225 418 sessions of laser hair removal

Since 2002 we provide our services in Antalya and the region. Laser hair removal makes the bigger part of all our services. We have performed 225 418 epilation sessions in 19 years.

And this number increases every day. We have gained loads of experience within that period and we want to share the knowledge that we think you might want to know. We highly suggest that you read further if you are interested in having laser epilation.

One and the same laser epilation device may not show the same effects on every patient

In order to figure out which device will permanently remove your hair, we use the Fitzpatrick Scale to determine the type of your skin. The type of the device will be chosen according to your skin type.

Different devices are used on different skin types and different areas of the body. For example, Alexandrite lasers are very effective on body areas but should not be used on the face. Laser epilation devices, especially IPL devices, have the risk of side effects on dark skin types. People with dark skin should be treated with caution.

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2. Keep away from IPL, ice laser, or ironing diode laser

Devices like IPL, ice laser, or ironing diode laser are marketed as "painless" or "quick" lately but the way they work in principle reduces the effectiveness of the procedure.

These devices work faster but send weaker beams of light that do not destruct the hair and give no permanent effect.

Scientific researches show that the most effective types of laser devices for epilation are Alexandrite, classic Diode, and Nd-Yag type lasers.

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3. No guarantee can be given about the number of sessions in laser epilation

You may mislead a patient by claiming that their hair problem will be solved with a certain number of laser epilation sessions.

The most important factor that determines the success of laser epilation is the skin and hair type of the patient. Of course, we can elaborate further on this.

We can say that more than half of your unwanted hair will be removed in 6 sessions. Patients generally get rid of hair in 6 to 8 sessions but this number can go up to 10 in some cases.

We often encounter cases when patients have their 15th or even 20th session and still cannot get their problem solved. In these cases, you need to reconsider the laser type or the hair removal center.

4. Not all the hair gets removed but...

People who consider having laser epilation and don't know enough about the procedure might think that they will get rid of all of their hair.

They may expect that epilated area will look like the palm of their hand.

This expectation is exploited by many beauty centers. None of the devices in the world can give such results. Depending on the patient, 60 to 90% of all the hair can be removed permanently after laser epilation sessions.

The remaining hair gets thinner and lighter. This makes your life more comfortable. You can have needle hair removal if you want to get rid of the remaining weakened hair as well.

There is no effective laser type for peach fuzz

Although there are companies in the market promising effective laser epilation on all types of hair, there is no scientific basis for this. The laser beam is focused on certain targets inside the skin. And epilation lasers target the pigment called melanin. The darker the hair is, the more melanin it contains, so it gets affected easily by the laser.

However, light-colored hair, peach fuzz, contains very few amounts of melanin pigment, so it does not get affected by the laser beam.

Although there are techniques that darken the hair color using chemicals, they don't give effective results yet.

6. CE marking is not very important for laser epilation devices

Suppose that you go to a beauty center to have laser epilation and ask about the quality of their devices.

They tell you that all their devices have CE marking.

Should you go for it light-heartedly?

Let us answer:

CE marking is a certification mark given by the European Union. It shows that products, when used as intended, will not cause harm to human life and property, plant and animal health, and the environment.

CE marking is not a certificate indicating that the device will provide an effective treatment. It can be easily obtained when the requirements are met, so a lot of products manufactured in the Far East have CE marking. It is not CE marking that shows that the laser device works effectively, but FDA approval.

7. It can cause skin burns or permanent scars when applied by uneducated people

Medical science benefits from the curative effects of lasers for over 40 years. This 40 years of experience has proven that laser beams are safe, effective, and do not have any long term side-effects.

But... Every year in our clinic we treat patients who had their laser epilation in illegal facilities and, unfortunately, had burns and permanent scars.

To avoid such scenarios we recommend that you go to the centers that serve under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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8. Laser epilation gets more and more popular every year

There are dozens of facial rejuvenation techniques out there and new ones get introduced every year. But there is a rule in this industry: no technique can survive if the customer is not satisfied. So there is only one reason why laser epilation has become so popular. Very high satisfaction rate.

According to current data from the biggest independent website of esthetic procedures, Realself.com, 91 patients out of 100 are satisfied with the procedure. This is a very high rate. Laser epilation performed by an expert with a good device and a good treatment plan can get near a 100% satisfaction rate.

However, note that this rate is due to the effect achieved with FDA-approved laser devices. The reason for the lower satisfaction rate in our country largely depends on the use of the devices manufactured in the Far East that have no FDA approval.

Since 2002 when we founded our clinic, laser hair removal got much more popular.

According to Google data, there is an increase in the graphic of queries for "laser hair removal" on the internet every year.


Are you thinking about having laser hair removal?

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