Ice Laser, Iron Laser and IPL and Why we do not Recommend Them

Ice Laser, Iron Laser and IPL and Why we do not Recommend Them

In life, we strive for comfort, and by nature, many of us want more and more. A luxury house, the coolest car, the most delicious food, prosperous life, better family relationships ...

This is no shame. Ideally, it would be nice to settle with less than the best. But if the human race did not strive for the better, there would be no revolution in health care, technological advances, powerful engines, and productive rational land use.

On the other hand, we must bear a certain responsibility for everything we produce. Manufactured food, construction, office supplies inevitably put a load on the population and environment.

To buy a dream house we are ready to work more and even pay a long-term loan. In short, we are ready to face problems in order to live more comfortably.

If there is an opportunity to get the desired comfort with fewer losses we naturally choose the easier option, but this is often impossible.

Have you ever heard the expression “No pain, no gain”? It is often used by sports coaches and fitness instructors.

It can be understood as "No effort, no result" or "You can't have a rainbow without a little rain", and this is a conclusion from all the above.

Yes, but how is all this related to laser hair removal?

Just like everything else in life, without effort laser hair removal will not bring results either.

If someone promises that you will get rid of unwanted hair completely without pain, we recommend that you stay away from such centers, devices and methods.

During laser hair removal you experience very short-term pain during laser beam shots. This is a sign that the temperature in the application area rises, and this is the way the hair is destroyed forever.

Laser hair removal is possible only as follows.

Powerful rays = instant temperature rise = instant feeling of pain = permanent hair loss

(ATTENTION! Do not think that the pain is too strong, read our explanations below.)

Is the method of ironing or ice hair removal painless? Why don't you recommend them?

Let us share our experience to answer this question. We have engaged in laser hair removal since the foundation of our clinic in Antalya 15 years ago.

During these 15 years, we have had tens of thousands of sessions. Among our patients, there are those who preferred to try “painless” laser hair removal elsewhere and regretted it.

We do not claim that you are sure to be disappointed with ice and ironing epilation. However, there are several scientific reasons why these methods are avoided in clinics directed by dermatologists:

The devices offered under the name "Iron Laser", "IPL" or "Ice Laser" are really fast and practically painless, but their effect is extremely low.

The operation principle of these devices is high frequency and low current (i.e. high speed and low power consumption). In the high-frequency and low current principle, when devices gain speed, in other words, when they shoot more in less time, the dose they send to the hair root is less.

When the speed of the device increases, the time for energy generation decreases, therefore with an increase in the speed of force, the effect of the rays decreases.

The destruction of hair follicles by laser light is what we call selective thermolysis (instantaneous point damage due to high temperature). If the laser radiation is below a certain dose, the destruction of the hair root does not happen.

After the procedure, the hair falls out, sometimes it does not grow back soon, but the effect is almost never long lasting. Therefore, Alexandrite lasers are still the most powerful and effective hair removal lasers in the world.

Comparison of devices for laser hair removal in the attached table.

Lazer epilasyonda kullanılan cihazların karşılaştırmaları

How painful are hair removal procedures with effective laser devices? How to reduce pain?

Firstly, all people have different pain thresholds. Some patients consider laser hair removal a rather comfortable procedure. There are also patients who start complaining of pain before the procedure even begins. Therefore, we give an example of a patient who is very sensitive to pain as such people are probably more.

The pain caused by the laser beam varies depending on the treatment area​​. The pain is felt in areas with thinner skin and less fat tissue like the front of the lower leg, some areas of the groin. Of course, we also have to say that the genital area can be painful because it is more sensitive. Epilation in other areas of the body does not cause discomfort.

Is it possible to eliminate the pain?

Sure it is. High-quality devices include powerful cooling systems that facilitate the procedure. During the hair removal in the most sensitive areas, we reduce the speed of shots and keep the cold longer to ensure patient comfort.

But one of the most effective anti-pain products is anesthetic creams. When an anesthetic is applied sometime before the laser hair removal procedure then even the most sensitive patients have a very comfortable and painless session.