Wrinkle Treatment Methods

Wrinkle Treatment Methods | DK Klinik

Wrinkles are the result of aging, degradation of quality and the collagen fibers synthesisdecrease in the dermis which is the middle layer of the skin.

Wrinkles increase with the age due to weakened skin structure and movement of the mimic muscles. Unfortunately, there is no escape from the signs of aging. In childhood and early youth the lines and wrinkles that we do not even notice become annoyingly eye-catching after a certain age. However, it should be noted that only age is responsible for the increase in wrinkles. In some people, wrinkles start appearing in their early 20s, while others have smooth and firm skin even around their eyes at their 30s.

In addition to being the largest organ of our body, skin is also one of the most important elements that provide our visual communication with the outside world and determine the first impressions of others about us. Dermato-cosmetology, a sub-branch of dermatology, is a scientific discipline that aims to make skin look healthier and more beautiful.

Scientific studies indicate that three factors influence the formation of wrinkles.

1.) Your genetic heritage: Your genetic factors are the main factors that determine when the first wrinkles will appear on your skin and how many they will be. So, if your mother starts having them later in age, lucky for you.

2.) Environmental factors: Many environmental factors, such as sunlight, dry air, smoking, alcohol use, determine how the skin will age and what kind of wrinkles will form.

3.) Care: Care products you will apply regularly will keep your skin smooth and firm, and it also helps postpone the appearance of wrinkles.

The purpose of the DK Clinic is to help those who want to have healthy skin or appearance and ensure that they achieve what they want within the scope of scientific applications and without causing any harm in wrinkle treatment. Technological developments are closely monitored to ensure that the latest system devices are highly reliable. In our clinic, the therapy methods are suggested after defining the problem of the person, necessary examinations, and considering the economic situation of the person.