6 Facts About Laser Hair Removal That are Actually Wrong

6 Facts About Laser Hair Removal That are Actually Wrong

Laser hair removal cannot be done in summer

Hot weather above 40°C (and even up to 50°) in Antalya concerns the ones who are planning on having laser hair removal. So, is it true that "laser hair removal cannot be done in summer"?

Contrary to the general opinion there is no danger in having laser hair removal in summer as long as some rules are followed. What are these rules?

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2. Laser hair removal is a costly procedure

There are two important points here.

First of all:

Laser hair removal procedures performed in illegal beauty salons are cheap because they do not provide hygienic conditions, use poor quality devices, and do not have a doctor in their team. This reduces the general costs.

That is how these illegal facilities manage to perform laser hair removal procedures for much lower prices.

You have to bear in mind that cost reduction can become a reason for major health risks.

On the other hand, even if you go to a fully equipped clinic that operates in sterile conditions, the total price you pay will be equal to one-fifth of the prices you would pay for shaving or waxing for the rest of your life.

According to researches;

A woman spends 7700 hours of her life removing her body hair and the total amount of money she would spend for laser hair removal is 80% less than the lifetime cost of razor blades and waxes.


3. Laser hair removal causes severe pain

We cannot claim that laser hair removal is completely painless but the feeling of pain is instant and minimal. The pain can be felt especially in sensitive regions. This negative side-effect can be minimized with powerful cooling mechanisms of the devices and other approaches.

4. Laser hair removal causes cancer


One of the most frequent questions we answer in our clinic is whether laser hair removal causes cancer. There is a widely spread belief that laser applied on the areas with lymph nodes causes cancer.

Scientific research to date has not revealed any relation between laser hair removal and skin cancer. Laser hair removal has been widely used around the world for about 20 years.

Using high factor sunscreen, avoiding exposure to sunlight, and avoiding tanning booths are the main precautions you need to take in order to protect yourself from skin cancer.

Nevertheless, laser hair removal performed by non-experts using devices that are not suitable to the patient can cause serious burns and blemishes.

5. Laser hair removal fails on dark skin

Wrong. Laser hair removal is the most efficient on people with light skin color and dark hair color. But this does not mean that it will fail on people with dark skin.

People with dark skin need more sessions. The laser device should be selected in accordance with the dark skin color.

6. You can permanently get rid of your hair in one efficient session

There is no method in the world that can help you get rid of all hair in one single session.

Avoid people or institutions that make extraordinary claims when it comes to your health.

The results are obtained in 3-6 sessions depending on your skin type, hair color, and body region.

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