Comparison Of Laser Epilation Devices

People who decide to have laser hair removal very often try to learn which type of laser is effective for a particular area, and what are the differences between devices for laser hair removal.

We have created a detailed table, which will help you understand everything clearly.

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DK Klinik Alexandrite Diode Nd-Yag Ice Diode IPL
Wavelength 755 nm 810 nm (High current-single phase) 1064 810 nm (Low current-multiple phase-shifts) 500-1200 nm
Skin type All skin types, careful with very dark skin types *Safe for all skin types *Safe use on dark skin as well * Safe for all skin types * Safe use on dark skin as well All skin types Possible side-effects on dark skin
Hair type Dark and medium dark hair Dark and medium dark hair * Dark and medium dark hair *Deeply located hair root Dark and medium dark hair Dark and medium dark hair

ATTENTION: There is no effective laser treatment for peach fuzz. In order for the laser to be effective the hair should include melanin pigment. This kind of promises have no scientific basis.

Application areas *All body parts *Should not be used on face * All body parts * Safe on the face * All body parts * All body parts *Safe on the face * All body parts * Should NEVER be used on the face
Time of procedure Mid Slow Very slow Very fast Very fast
Comfort of procedure *Comfortable when used with skin surface cooling *Pain in sensitive areas like genitals * Comfortable when used with skin surface cooling * Pain in sensitive areas like genitals The most painful laser type despite skin surface cooling Very comfortable and painless procedure Depending on the power of the device (read description below)

IPL devices fall into two groups called high energy and low energy. High energy devices are more effective but also more painful. However even these types have low success rates.

Low energy IPL devices are painless but also have no permanent effects. Most of the devices on the market are low energy devices imported from Far East.

Price and maintenance cost of the device High price High maintenance cost Mid price Low maintenance cost Mid price Low maintenance cost Mid price Low maintenance cost Low price Low maintenance cost
Price of procedure Expensive Expensive Expensive Average Cheap

Comparison of the prices in the market.

Biggest disadvantage Increased hair growth in face areas No shedding of hair between sessions Very painful application *Permanent shedding heavily depends on the person *No results on almost half of the people *Highest risk of side-effects *Pain in high energy IPL devices *Very low permanent effect
Biggest advantage *The most effective type of laser on body areas *Shedding of hair between sessions *Safe for all skin types *Safe on the face *Effective on deeply located hair roots

*Fast application

*Very comfortable and painless application

*Fast application *Hair shedding between sessions
FDA approval Yes Yes Yes No Yes (For high energy devices)
Success rate 70-90% 65-85% 50-60% 40-65% 20-30%

Laser Epilation - General Information

Note: Before choosing a suitable device we define your skin type according to the Fitzpatrick scale. Soon we will prepare an article that will help you estimate your skin with the Fitzpatrick skin typing test.

You can watch how laser epilation of the underarms is performed in our clinic.