Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal at DK Klinik

Laser hair removal is a unique, safe, sustainable hair removal procedure that was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1964.

To date, DK Klinik has performed 250,000 laser hair removal sessions.

All devices used for laser hair removal are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are regularly maintained, and ensure high efficiency.

DK Klinik has different devices for each skin type, so the success rate of the procedure increases significantly.

Laser hair removal has been used in our clinic since 2002. The level of experience and knowledge of the staff is at the highest level.

You can watch a video on how laser hair removal is performed in our clinic:

Laser Hair Removal in Antalya - Questions and Answers

Which device is the best for laser hair removal?

The FDA has proven the effectiveness of devices such as alexandrite, diode, and NDYag laser devices. Which of these devices is preferable depends on the area of ​​hair removal, hair type, and skin type.

Different types of devices are effective in different areas and different skin types.

At the same time, ice laser and iron laser are types of devices with unproven efficiency. They have not received FDA approval.

It is helpful here to distinguish between device brand and device type.

Alexandrite, NDYag, diode, and ice laser are device types, not brands.

Cynosure and Candela are laser manufacturers recognized by world health organizations for reliability.

Cynosure and Candela laser devices are expensive but effective.

Therefore, the availability of these two brands of laser devices is critical to the success of the process and should be considered when choosing a laser hair removal center.

You can view a detailed laser comparison table at this link (clickable).

"A woman spends about 8000 hours in her life on hair removal. Full body laser hair removal takes only 10 hours for 6 sessions. This study shows how much laser hair removal can save a person's lifetime."


In which areas of the body can laser hair removal be performed?

Thanks to advancing technology, laser hair removal has become applicable to almost all areas of our body where hair grows

How many sessions should ideally laser hair removal take?

If you are eligible for laser hair removal, you can get rid of more than half of your hair and have resulted in about 6 to 8 sessions. Sometimes, it may take 10 sessions to have substantive results of laser epilation depending on personal characteristics.

The number of sessions you need to get rid of your hair depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Skin color
  • Hair color
  • Thickness of hair
  • Density of hair
  • Cyclic variability of your hair
  • Age and gender
  • Area the laser is applied to
  • Timeliness of sessions
  • Hormonal balance

Before the procedure we define your characteristics, choose the laser device and determine the dosages accordingly. The reason why laser treatment does not affect hair in a single session is that the beam has a lasting effect only in the growth period of hair called the anagen phase. Depending on the region the amount of hair in the anagen period varies between 10% and 20%. Therefore, an average of 6-8 sessions is required.


Photo: Laser hair removal in the arm area with alexandrite laser device at DK Klinik.

Why are there too many laser hair removal sessions in some centers?

1. Commercial purposes and abuse

The centers performing laser hair removal generally charge per session. Therefore, it is possible that a commercially-driven center will, unfortunately, extend the length of your hair removal to earn more money.

Although we think that the centers managed by dermatologists will not act this way, you should be careful with 'beauty centers' or 'beauty salons', which are not legally authorized to perform laser hair removal. It is forbidden by law to perform laser hair removal in a place without the supervision of a medical doctor.

Another strategy followed by this type of company is taking a lump sum payment and trying to make it attractive with the claim "Hair Removal Until the End". If there is no noticeable reduction in your hair in 4-5 sessions and no reduction in more than half of your hair in 6-8 sessions, more visits to that place will not make it any better.

2. Lack of expertise

Expertise has a positive impact on everything. You most probably have heard the saying "leave it to the experts". When it comes to health issues your priority should be finding an expert doing the job.

Laser hair removal is one of the 3 most commonly applied esthetic procedures in the world. Therefore, it creates a market that is big in Turkey as well as in the world.

People who intend to benefit from this big market exploit the loopholes in the legislation and establish beauty centers employing non-experts. Thus, the wrong treatment performed by these non-experts increases the number of sessions.

This is why you should get your treatment done by experts in clinics or hospitals. Ask if the establishment is licensed by the Ministry of Health. Places licensed by the local municipality which can only be categorized as beauty salons or beauty centers do not have the authorization to apply laser hair removal.

3. Use of wrong laser devices

One of the most important reasons the number of sessions increases is the use of the wrong type of devices for certain body areas. Many beauty centers unfortunately have only one kind of laser device and apply it to all the areas. Thıs reduces their general costs.

The Alexandrite laser device is a highly reputable device that is recognized worldwide but excellent results are often achieved by the combined use of different types of devices.

If you are receiving laser hair removal under a certain fee, you must specifically question the device. Getting cheap services with cheap devices usually results in wasting money. IPL devices were once raging all over and now the name is barely mentioned. Nowadays we need to be cautious about “ironing diode” and “ice laser” devices.

4. Avoiding expensive maintenance costs of the laser devices

Laser devices can cost hundreds of thousand liras. They need regular maintenance like cars or airplanes. Just like a car loses its reliability and performance when neglected, non-maintained laser devices lose their efficiency and may pose danger.

Maintenance costs of laser devices are high because they are imported products. So, laser hair removal centers either delay the maintenance or replace the parts with the ones manufactured in the Far East. This leads to the reduction in efficiency and creates the need for more hair removal sessions which could actually take much less.

5. Hormonal disorders

In some cases, hormonal disorders may prevent the success of laser hair removal.

Hormonal disorders can induce hair growth. So, even though laser treatment removes hair it may seem like there is no hair reduction because of newly grown hair. It is important to determine this condition at the beginning with the hormone tests results that will be interpreted in the clinic supervised by a medical doctor.

Why isn’t one device enough for permanent hair removal?

Currently, only one method is not enough for effective hair removal. Permanent hair removal is done differently depending on the desired area, type and skin color, differences in hair color, depth of hair root. To achieve the target result we need to choose a suitable device. Hair removal even in the same area can be several-fold more effective if you use different methods and devices, taking into account the differences between adjacent hairs.

What types of laser are used in hair removal?

There are several devices because different devices have different active wavelengths. These include the alexandrite, diode, and Nd-Yag. In addition, this group also includes non-laser IPL devices for photo-epilation which use an intense light source.

What are the features of laser devices?

The most common and most effective types of lasers used for hair removal are alexandrite and diode lasers.

Alexandrite-type lasers have a wavelength of 755 nm, and their beam is well retained by the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. They are quick and practical to use but are not suitable for very dark skin. In our country, patients usually have a very dark skin color, which does not give very good results.

However, alexandrite-type lasers are not suitable for all areas. They should not be used especially in the face area, it can provoke an increase in hair growth. NDYag lasers with a wavelength of 1064 nm are very safe and easily applicable for people with any skin type, even of a dark color. Slight pain during the procedure is a disadvantage of diode lasers. Also, the hair starts falling somewhat later compared to alexandrite lasers.

Nd-Yag type laser is also used for laser hair removal and reaches the deepest layers due to a wavelength of 1064 nm. However, Nd-Yag devices are used only for very deep layers since their beam is less absorbed by the hair follicle. NdYag type lasers can be safely used even for suntanned skin, but they cause a more pronounced tingling than other devices.

"When choosing a laser type, the most important criteria are the person's skin type and the area to be epilated."


What is the effectiveness of IPL devices used in epilation?

Devices called IPL, photo epilation, or blue light are devices based on a condensed light system, not laser technology.

Low-energy IPL devices especially those used in hairdressing and beauty salons, are considered a modern method of wax hair removal.

Even the use of high-energy certified IPL devices for permanent removal is limited to very small areas and brings results only for fine hairs.

IPL devices use light in high doses to achieve efficacy since their beam is very scattered. Thus, the application is more painful than other methods, and can, with high probability, leave burns.

What is the efficiency of the Ice Laser, diode ironing devices used in laser hair removal?

In recent years, there has been a growing number of people who are disappointed with the use of ice laser devices, which are very popular due to the fact that they are advertised as “painless” and very fast. The exposure to the rays generated by this device is not sufficient to destroy the hair root, so permanent hair removal is not achieved.

You can read our detailed article on why we do not recommend ice laser, iron diode, IPL devices at the link below:

Is it possible to guarantee 100% permanent hair removal?

It is absolutely necessary to avoid such statements as "Guaranteed laser hair removal", "100% laser hair removal." Such advertising slogans are often used by institutions that use IPL devices for photo-epilation.

People in forums and websites often ask the question: “Has anyone had good results with IPL / photo epilation?”

A serious health care provider would never guarantee 100% results of any procedure, including laser hair removal.

However, on average, with proper use of the suitable laser type in the appropriate areas, the level of efficiency is 70-90% for women and 60-80% for men.

As the remaining hair becomes thinner and lighter in color satisfactory results are achieved with procedures performed with FDA-approved devices in trusted healthcare settings.

You may find some of our before and after results, below;

LASER HAIR REMOVAL - Female - Before and After Gallery

LASER HAIR REMOVAL - Male - Before and After Gallery

What is the best laser system?

There are several devices for laser hair removal, as already mentioned.

In the scientific literature, there is no such thing as the most effective laser device.

The combined use of each device in proper areas when necessary provides the best results. In our clinic, we have all types of lasers for hair removal in order to achieve maximum results. Thus, after estimating the characteristics of the patient, the most appropriate device or a combination of devices is selected and applied in every case.

Can laser hair removal be done for men?

Let's give a clear answer right away. Yes.

The effectiveness rates for men are as high as for women. A different approach is required because men have higher hair density and a larger area of hair removal.

Men also lead a much more comfortable life after laser hair removal. If you want to know more about this topic, you can visit the following link:

You can also watch a laser hair removal session for men in the video below.

What rules should be observed before laser hair removal?

  • Stop shaving, waxing, and plucking with tweezers and other methods of root removal at least 1 month before the procedure.
  • Use sun protection (protection factor not less than 15 SPF).
  • Laser hair removal cannot be used with Roaccutane capsules.
  • Do not apply on open wounds.
  • Do not apply to the affected areas of the skin, in case of skin diseases such as herpes, warts.
  • Stop using depilatory cream at least 1 month before the procedure.

Can laser be applied to everyone?

Laser hair removal can be used for people of any age and gender.

The only exception is pregnant women.

Also, people with dark suntan or solarium tan should postpone laser hair removal.

Sunburn reduces the effect of the laser beam and increases the risk of temporary pigmented spots.

However, the variety and reliability of devices in our clinic allow you to have hair removal even with tanned skin.

If you would like to know more about what to consider when doing laser hair removal during the summer, you can read about it at the link below.

The ideal combination for laser hair removal is light skin color and dark hair color.

However, advanced technology and a variety of devices give reliable and good results for any skin type and hair color.

Will it hurt during the procedure?

The latest technology and self-cooling laser devices used in our clinic make this procedure painless both before and after. However, in some sensitive areas, a slight tingling sensation may occur.

Painful sensations during laser hair removal are a very interesting topic. There is no clear and simple answer to this question. Because it depends both on the type of laser device and on the individual pain threshold of a person.

Let's talk about devices first. Some laser hair removal devices are less painful.

Ice laser, iron diode laser, and devices of this type can really reduce pain. Unfortunately, they belong to a group of devices, the effectiveness of which is highly questionable.

You can read why these devices are unable to permanently remove hair by following the link below;

On the other hand, alexandrite and neodymium type lasers, which are considered the most efficient permanent hair removal lasers in the world, can cause more pain than ineffective laser devices.

Pain is more pronounced, especially in some areas.

This is the upper part of the lower leg and the thin skin in the bikini area.

The description of the pain sensations is as follows: a short-term tingling sensation that occurs during a laser shot and immediately fades away.

However, pain is a rather relative sensation.

Some patients say that they experience almost no pain, while others experience severe discomfort.

The powerful cold air blowing systems of the laser devices significantly reduce pain.

If the epilation process is still too uncomfortable, there are pain relief methods. The use of powerful, effective anesthetic creams allows sensitive people to comfortably endure a laser hair removal session.

Why laser hair removal does not solve the problem in one session?

Each hair has its own life cycle, consisting of active (anagen phase) and passive (telogen phase) periods. 5-20% of hairs are in the active period, depending on the area of the body.

Since the laser can remove hair only during the active period, it is necessary to conduct more than one session.

During each session, hair is removed in its active period. Thus, the amount of unwanted hair is minimized in each subsequent session.

If your hair removal center does not take into account the maturation phase of the hair to increase the number of sessions for commercial purposes, you will have the result much later than expected.

Can laser hair removal be applied to people with fair skin?

We are asked this question very often. In short, yes. But everything will become clearer if we tell about the skin and hair color factor in more detail. To do this, we need to explain the mechanism of laser devices.

The therapeutic mechanism of laser devices on the skin is as follows. The efficiency of the laser depends on how much the color of the material absorbs the wavelength. The material affected by the laser beam may vary. The substance used as a laser target for skin treatment and epilation is called melanin. Melanin gives color to our skin and hair.

From this point of view, if the laser is used for hair removal the lighter the skin and the darker the hair color, the faster the result will be obtained. Since light skin has little melanin it does not absorb the laser and it is retained by hair melanin. That's why people with dark skin, achieve the effect of laser hair removal later. Following this logic, it is easy to understand that there is less melanin pigment in blond hair, which means that the target result will be achieved later. In addition, very light hair or gray hair cannot be removed with a laser. However, unscrupulous institutions in the epilation market often mislead people, claiming that there are laser machines for blond hair.

Dark-skinned people have a higher risk of side effects, such as pigmented spots, because their skin absorbs the laser beam before it reaches the hair follicle. Therefore, dose adjustment is very important. This risk does not occur provided that hair removal is done by an experienced specialist with safe devices.

In our clinic, you can watch the video of how the facial laser epilation is done.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

No. The type of laser used for laser hair removal is not ionizing. This radiation is not radioactive. Laser radiation generates large amounts of heat in a very limited area. However, this heat release is limited only by the zone to which it is applied and does not reach the inner regions. Since it does not have ionizing properties, it does not destroy DNA. In addition, laser hair removal does not cause damage to the lymph nodes. If necessary, the laser beam can be used in both babies and pregnant women.

However, it is important to note that it is impossible to use a laser beam on suspicious moles on the skin. In this case, it is very important to examine the area and the patient. Supervision of a dermatologist, in this case, will ensure the safety of the procedure.

How does a laser beam provide permanent hair removal?

A laser is a high-energy beam with a constant wavelength.

High energy affecting the skin by a laser beam is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair root. The heat generated on this spot destroys the follicle of the hair without damaging the surrounding tissue.

How long is the session? What are the breaks between sessions?

The duration of one session varies from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Factors affecting the duration of the session are the area of hair removal, its vastness, and hair density.

The interval between sessions is 1-4 months, depending on the characteristics of the patient.

Usually, epilation sessions are carried out once every 45 days.

Do I need special care before or after the laser hair removal procedure?

No special care after the laser is generally needed. But some patients have to apply a lightening cream on tanned skin.

Since after applying the laser you need to protect yourself from the sun, it is recommended to use sunscreen with a high protection factor.

How long should I grow my hair to start the treatment?

You can start laser-having hair removal procedures when all the hairs are a minimum of 1 mm long.

Therefore, you should stop any type of hair removal 2-4 weeks before the procedure. Hairs that appear after 7-14 days become lifeless and fall out with a light stroking.

Can I go back to my daily life after the procedure?

Some people may have slight redness and swelling that will pass very quickly.

It does not affect your daily routine.

Are there any side effects or harm to the skin or internal organs? Does laser treatment cause cancer or infection?

The therapeutic effect of laser has been applied in medicine for 40 years.

Many studies have proved that laser beams are extremely safe and do not cause any side effects in the long run.

In addition, laser radiation does not cause cancer or infection. Since laser beams belong to the non-ionized (non-ionizing) type of energy, they do not create any cell mutation.

How much does it cost?

The price of laser hair removal varies depending on the size of the area and can only be defined during the interview. Nevertheless, our clinic offers cost-effective laser epilation options with the latest technological solutions. Preliminary examinations in our clinic are free.

Watch this 15-second video to get short and clear answers to all your questions about laser hair removal (in the Turkish language):