Cilt bakimi

Skin is exposed to the external influence the most among the body organs and its healthy appearance is in your hands. Nowadays only the right and regular skincare applied by qualified specialists and at home can help you have healthy, beautiful, and shining skin and look younger tomorrow. Skincare procedures are aimed at the regeneration and firming up the natural balance of your skin with developed cosmetic products. The main target of this procedure is to provide a healthy, normal, and polished appearance of the skin of any type. A detailed skin analysis is performed by a qualified specialist that is why all cosmetic products and procedures applied are chosen depending on the patient's skin peculiarities.


This skincare procedure performed in strict hygiene conditions with the most suitable products will provide a much better appearance and quality of your skin.

Stages of the medical skincare

  • Deep cleansing procedure performed with the products most suitable to your skin
  • Peeling performed to provide exfoliation of the dead cells of the uppermost skin layer
  • Vapozone (ozone/steam) performed to soften the skin, enlarge the pores and easily clean the blackheads
  • Blackhead removal
  • Skin massage that enlivens skin and increases the blood circulation
  • High frequencies application that provides disinfection, blood circulation increase, and skin relief
  • A moisturizing and purifying mask that supplies the demands of your skin
  • Application of the daily skincare products

Watch our video about the skincare procedure in DK Klinik?