Every time we laugh, get angry or get surprised we make the facial muscles move.

With the continuous repetition of these movements, wrinkles appear over time.

These wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles. The agility of one’s mimics, duration of sun exposure, skin and muscle structure, age and gender determine the size of these wrinkles.

As we age, most of us try to reverse the formation of wrinkles that have formed on our skin over the years.

We use expensive creams to remove these wrinkles and carefully follow the advice we hear from our family or close friends.

We look at our old photographs, notice the difference, and one morning when looking at ourselves in the mirror we understand that it is time to change something.

We are looking for a fundamental, effective and sustainable solution.

And this is the moment when botox comes to our rescue - a unique method of eliminating and preventing wrinkles.

Both in Turkey and around the world botox is the most preferred cosmetic procedure.

It is safe. It is inexpensive considering its sustainability. It gives almost perfect results.

These 3 factors have made Botox the most popular medical cosmetic procedure in our clinic and worldwide.

In our clinic located in Antalya, dermatologist Meltem Şentürk performs hundreds of Botox procedures every year.

And while we don't like using the word "miracle", if we were asked to recommend a method that could be called a miraculous way to remove signs of aging we would not hesitate to name botox.

What is botox (Botox)?

Botox is a simple, non-surgical procedure that reduces dynamic facial wrinkles and lines that form over time.

As a result of this 10-minute procedure botox blocks the connection between the nerves and muscles of the face and thus relaxes the muscles, so that the contraction of muscles causing wrinkles stop for up to 4 months.

The effect becomes visible within 3-7 days and lasts for up to 4 months.

Your work and daily life after the application are not affected because it is a simple, fast procedure that does not require any recovery time.

What is Botox?

Botox (Botox) is a naturally purified protein produced by the bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. It is injected in very small doses with fine needles into the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. Botox works by temporarily loosening the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. The effect of Botox is limited to the area where it is applied; it does not circulate in the body.

Note: We have prepared short 15 second videos about botox for you. You can check them out at the bottom of the page. Be sure to take a look.

The history of botox ...

The toxic substance from which Botox originates was discovered in 1820 by Dr. Kerner from the German Ministry of Health. It was revealed during the investigation of a case when some of his citizens died after eating sausage. The presence of poison was detected, but the results of these investigations did not explain how the toxic substance had been produced.

Dr. Kerner's research was further elaborated on by a bacteriology professor. He defined that the microorganism causing the poisoning and used today for botox production was "Clostridium botulinum" bacteria.

In the 1950s biochemist, Dr. Edward Schantz obtains type-A botulinum toxin, a kind of poison secreted by the 'Clostridium botulinum bacteria, and enables the first steps of botox processing applied to millions of people today.

Further, Dr. Vernon Brooks inspired by Schantz's research discovers that the botulinum toxin in small doses loosens, or to be more precise, paralyze muscles.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Alan B. Scott thinks that the toxin of the botulinum bacterium may help fix up crossed eyes and injects it to monkeys to measure the effect. Dr. Scott then starts to test the application on people with formal permission. Investigations reveal that botulinum toxin is effective in the treatment of strabismus.

Since 1981, botulinum toxin has been used safely for the treatment of strabismus in humans. One year after the Allergan firm purchased the distribution rights of toxins in 1989, the FDA officially approves the use of botulinum toxin in the treatment of strabismus. Botulinum toxin has a therapeutic effect in diseases with involuntary muscle contraction is (such as voice sinew spasms, cerebral palsy).

After its anti-wrinkle effect had been proved, the botox extract of type-A botulinum toxin was approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes.

You can watch the video to find out how the Botox procedure is performed in our clinic:

You can watch the video to find out how the procedure for injecting botox into the chewing muscle (Massater botox) is carried out in our clinic:

What areas is Botox applied to?

Botox (botox) treatment is extremely effective to remove wrinkles in the forehead area, between eyebrows, and around the eyes. Upper lip and necklines can be treated as well. Botox is also used in treating problems of excessive sweating of hands, feet, and armpit areas.


Is Botox right for you?

It can be used by everyone except pregnant and lactating women. Thousands of men and women who care about their appearance have discovered the benefits of botox. Not only actors, politicians, models, but also teachers, housewives, business people, people from different walks of life now choose to use botox.

Get more information and perspective on this issue and read our article "Why Botox?" (

Who should apply Botox?

Botox (botox) should be applied by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon that has knowledge of facial muscles and facial anatomy. Otherwise, unwanted side effects such as eyelid droop may occur.

Just like a surgeon is authorized to perform an operation, there are specialists authorized by the state to perform procedures such as botox and fillers.

If these procedures are performed by cosmetologists in beauty salons they may cause very serious side effects.

Most of the incidents that are often reported in the media and damage the reputation of botox but occur as a result of cases when unlicensed products are applied by unauthorized people.

By clicking on the link, you can read detailed information about how our dermatologist applies botox to herself:

How is Botox applied?

Your doctor will determine the injection sites to get the best results. No anesthesia is required but an anesthetic cream or ice may be applied depending on the individual sensitivity. Botox (botox) is administered with several injections at very low doses to every site. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. You can immediately return back to your normal daily activities.


How long does the effect of botox last?

The effect of Botox lasts up to 4 months. Many patients that have been using botox for years note that the effect may last longer.

The effect of Botox does not end abruptly 4 months after it is made, it decreases over time and disappears after 4 months. The video we prepared on this subject will be very instructive.

A person who has been using botox for a long time will have fewer wrinkles even after the injection has stopped working than if they have never done botox before.

This is why botox is also used as a wrinkle prevention agent.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects are very mild when the procedure is done by a knowledgeable and experienced doctor. Headache or a temporary eyelid droop may occur if Botox is applied incorrectly. The injection area may rarely have slight redness that lasts for only 1-day and can be easily covered with makeup.

Is the Botox procedure painful?

A very mild and short sensation that most of our patients define as a "mosquito bite".The process takes up to 10 minutes. Cold treatment is applied before the procedure to reduce pain. The pain during the application depends on the person, but immediately after the treatment, no pain is left.

Will my wrinkles go worse if I do not continue with the treatment?

No. Your wrinkles will slowly return to their pre-treatment state after 4 months.

You may find some of our before and after results, below;

BOTOX - Forehead Lines - Before and After Gallery

BOTOX - Frown Lines - Before and After Gallery

BOTOX - Crows Feet - Before and After Gallery

BOTOX - Male - Before and After Gallery

BOTOX - Upper Lips - Before and After Gallery

BOTOX - Masseter - Before and After Gallery

BOTOX - Gummy Smile - Before and After Gallery

Where can Botox be applied?

Botox (botox) is used in our clinic combined with filling materials in the lower part of the face (neck, mouth corners, upper lip) as well as the forehead area and between the eyebrows. Besides, it is used in excessive sweating treatment for hands, feet, and underarms.

Botox prices can be cheap in some centers. What are the reasons for this?

The price of Botox is determined by the Ministry of Health. Hence there is little variation in prices in reliable centers. In some centers, the prices are low because the material used is made in China. The cost of Chinese-origin botox materials is much lower than that of European and American materials.

Centers that offer products at a lower cost can serve customers at a cheaper price, while centers that use more expensive high-quality materials of reputable brands provide service at relatively high prices.

On the other hand, another reason affecting prices depends on the professional competence of the specialist performing the procedure.

In Turkey, dentists or otolaryngologists are not allowed to use botox for cosmetic purposes.

Unfortunately, some doctors in this professional group offer cosmetic applications of Botox.

Doctors whose main job is not botox probably see this procedure as an additional source of income, so they can do it cheaply.

The botox brands used in our clinic are ''Botox'' - which gives the product its name - and ''Dysport''.

I am afraid that after the treatment I will have a dull and meaningless expression on my face. Can something like this happen?

No, Botox does not leave a dull and meaningless expression as long as it is made in reliable institutions and by an experienced specialist. The doctor should adjust the dosage of the material to be applied depending on the face muscle density.


However, incompetent persons may be particularly dangerous. Sometimes excessive doses of botox may be applied to the 'horizontal line' zone, which may be called the danger zone.

This is why we recommend you to have botox treatment done by a specialist in clinics or hospitals.

Since the establishment of our clinic, thousands of people have been receiving botox treatment. The dissatisfaction rate is around 0%.

Will my friends or co-workers notice that I’ve had Botox done?

We can answer this question as follows. In your daily life, you come across dozens of people treated with botox and you do not notice it. Every year millions of people in the world have Botox done. That is because those who have the treatment are satisfied with it and experience its rejuvenating effect.

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is ranked first in Turkey as well as in the world.

But as I have answered in the previous question, if non-specialists perform this procedure you may have a dull expression on your face. It does not let your face muscles perform their task, especially when crying and laughing.

Many people who are worried about the procedure first visit our clinic together with their friends who come for the botox treatment, and watch how it is performed. Everyone is surprised by the ease of it.

Dr. Meltem, our dermatologist, applies her botox treatment to herself on a regular basis. You can read the details by clicking here;

They say once you start using botox you cannot give it up because your wrinkles will look worse than before. Is it correct?

No. Once the botox effect is over, we recommend you have it again for the same effect. But when you stop having it you will have your wrinkles back. There is no scientific evidence that wrinkles get worse. You can only get used to looking younger, so when the botox effect is gone you may think that your appearance is worse than it used to be. However, it has been scientifically proven that the use of regular botox is very important in delaying aging, and even if the effect goes away, it will be better than the one without Botox.

The attached article written by our doctor describes her own experience of regular use of botox and other important recommendations and will be very helpful to you;

I am a high blood pressure patient. Can botox do harm to me?

It does not matter as long as it is applied correctly. Botox has no direct relationship with blood pressure. Do not forget to talk to your doctor just in case.

Can botox be used for the same purpose as fillers?

No. Botox and fillers have different uses and effects. There are very limited areas where the two intersect. But they give great results when combined. You can read comparative and detailed information about these two processes from the link below.

Does botox have alternatives?

The botulinum toxin is actually what gives botox its effect. Myobloc, Xeomin, and Dysport are alternatives to Botox. They are all very reliable drugs. Only Botox and Dysport are imported to our country.

What can I do if I do not like the results of the botox treatment?

All you need to do is wait a few months. The effect can last up to 4 months.

Are vitamins or drugs I take interact with botox? Can it harm me?

To avoid these worries first consult your doctor. Zinc or some zinc-containing products may interact with botox. However, they can interact if they are consumed in very high amounts.

Can botox be used as lip filler?

A lip filler is used to fill the lips. If there are wrinkles around the mouth, botox can be used to remove these wrinkles.

Again, it is important to note that it is very important to be competent for the lip procedure to be successful.

For concise and clear answers to all questions about botox, watch this short 15-second video series (in the Turkish language):