What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a mesotherapy treatment of injecting therapeutic substances into the skin for anti-aging purposes that is commonly used in recent years.


What are the effects of mesotherapy?

  • Increased skin quality
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Reduced rate of new wrinkle formation
  • Superficial peeling effect
  • Reduced skin stains
  • Rejuvenation of pale and worn skin as a result of smoking and adverse living conditions
  • Reduction of acne formation and removal of acne scars

1What are the most frequently used substances in mesotherapy treatment?

Vitamin A; Increases skin elasticity by regulating the growth of epidermis cells

Vitamin E; Antioxidant effect removes harmful free radicals from the skin

Vitamin C; Increases collagen synthesis in the skin, reduces melanin production

Amino acids; Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, help repair worn skin

Na, K, Ca, Mg ions; regulate the metabolism of the skin by acting in many cell processes

Salmon DNA; Increases the synthesis of proteins in the skin

Co-enzymes; accelerates the repair process via skin tissue enzymes

Hyaluronic acid; Hyaluronic acid, which is very popular in recent years and is named “a youth vaccine” thanks to its great effects. More detailed information is provided below.

What is hyaluronic acid and what is its function in our skin?

Hyaluronic acid - one of the natural building elements in living organisms - is also abundant in skin. It is a support substance of gelatinous consistency which fills the gaps between collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Thanks to its molecular properties;

It regulates the exchange of nutrients between the capillaries and skin cells,

It moisturizes the structure by holding water in abundant quantity,

It serves as a buffer against external chemical and mechanical damage.

Due to aging, the skin shows a gradual decrease in hyaluronic acid content. The levels of hyaluronic acid decrease after 28 years of age and are one of the main reasons for wrinkle formation. As a result skin elasticity is reduced.

What are the characteristics of hyaluronic acid used in mesotherapy?

Synthetic hyaluronic acid molecules produced in the laboratory environment are widely used as fillers to fill deep wrinkles or lips. In addition, various creams and tablets are used to replace the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin tissue. However, it is known that the effects of these measures are very limited.

The molecular structure of specially prepared hyaluronic acid obtained in recent years and applied with injections has achieved considerable success in improving skin quality. The effects are as follows:

Increased production of collagen and lecithin in skin tissue

Increased resistance of the skin to free oxygen radicals

The proliferation of fibroblasts with skin-supporting cells

Reduced pigmentation

The increase in moisture content and elasticity of the skin results in a better and youthful appearance.

Due to the effects described above hyaluronic acid treatment is called “a youth vaccine”.

How long-lasting is the effect of mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid?

Positive effects after the procedure last for several months depending on the individual metabolism of a person. The characteristic of hyaluronic acid used in mesotherapy is that it makes spontaneous cross-links. This property extends the destruction period much more than similar products. The substance used is completely natural, so it disappears with no trace or residue.

You can watch how the mesotherapy procedure is done in our clinic:

What are the application areas of hyaluronic acid?

It can be applied to all the areas that need improvement. Face, neck, décolleté, and hands are the most common areas of application.

What is the treatment program?

For optimal results, 3 procedures are recommended in the first 3-6 weeks depending on the skin properties. After that, it is recommended to continue the treatment every 3-4 months for a long-lasting effect.

Is there any side effect?

As it is applied with injection, temporary irritation, slight swelling, itching, and sensitivity can occur in the areas the needle insertion.

You may find some of our before and after results, below;

MESOTHERAPY - Before and After Gallery