Androgenic alopecia (male type loss of hair) is a very common hair loss condition that affects people of both sexes. It is observed in 50% of men older than 50 years. Baldness progresses gradually and becomes especially noticeable in the forehead and crown of the head. It is known that genetic factors are the main cause of baldness.

Sac Mezoterapisi

There is no permanent cure to it. Some scientific methods allow to delay it and ensure that the new hair forms to a certain extent. One of the most effective methods for treating hair loss is hair mesotherapy.

During the procedure medications activating hair follicles are injected into problematic areas with micro-needles at very frequent intervals. Since the spread of the drug in the skin is very limited, it is important that the injection points of the needle are very close to each other.

It is very important to conduct hair mesotherapy sessions regularly. The results appear slowly but have a steady trend.

During the treatment, you can have slight tingling which can continue for one week.

There is no miraculous treatment for baldness. It affects millions of people. Loss of hair is prevented by mesotherapy, various vitamin mixtures, minerals, minoxidil, procaine, and organic silica.

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