Under-Eye Light Filler,

Under-eye dark circles,

Under-eye swelling,

Under-eye bags Sunken eyes

The Under-Eye Light Filler provides solutions to these problems in one application; TEOSYAL REDENSITY

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Half of men and women after 30 start having under-eye problems which progress with age. Tear grooves are semicircular, starting from the nose, extending towards the outer part of the eye, and creating a tired look. These eye rings look darker, more purplish, so the subcritical depression and bruise usually coincide. The under-eye skin area gets saggy and baggy due to textural loss with age.

The underlying cause of this condition is genetic that is aggravated by such factors as regular sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, stressful life, allergic conditions, poor nutrition,. Although your skin does not have many wrinkles yet, under-eye problems make you look older, tired, unhealthy, and sick. The light filling developed by Teosyal company for the under-eye problems brings very effective solutions to these conditions. The under-eye light filler marketed under the name Redensity II meets all the requirements of this particular area.

You may find some of our before and after results, below;

FILLER - Under-Eye - Before and After Gallery

What is the content of the under-eye light fill?

The main component of the light filler is a viscous-elastic gel with a completely transparent structure that is is a mixture of hyaluronic acid and poly vitamins. Hyaluronic acid with its strong moisture retention begins to decrease with age in our skin. Keeping it under the eyes helps remove the wrinkles. Right after the application, even with one single session, you can see the effect of the light filler that restores poly vitamin insufficiency, which contains minerals regulating the working of various amino acids, antioxidant vitamins, and enzymes - the building blocks of the tissue.

How is the under-eye light filler treatment done?

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A very special approach is required compared to the other tissues. The under-eye light filler is applied with very thin, blunt cannulae. There is no pain during application due to the local anesthetic additive in Teosyal Redensity. Since it requires a different approach compared to other filler procedures, it is very important that it is done by a specialist. Sometimes slight flushing and bruising can occur after the procedure. However, these effects disappear in a short time. The maximum effect of the treatment can be seen one week after the procedure.

How long does the effect of the under-eye light filler last?

Depending on individual metabolism, the effect of the under-eye light filler lasts between 9 months and 12 months. When the effect goes away it can be easily reapplied.

You can watch how the Under-Eye Light Filler treatment is applied in our clinic: