There are rules that people who receive services at our clinic must follow so that the rights of others are not violated and commercial and legal requirements are met.

Regulation on Patients’ Rights defines the rights of patients with regard to the health care facility where they will receive services. You can click on the following link for more information on this issue and read the corresponding web page:

Article 42 / A of the Regulation Patients’ Rights Statement sets out the rules that patients must follow.

Article 42 / A - (Supplement: OG-8/5 / 2014-28994)

When receiving medical care the patients observe the following rules:

a) acting in accordance with the rules and practices of the medical institution they contacted and act with the knowledge that they are a part of the diagnosis and treatment team and a party to this process.

b) providing as complete and accurate information as possible about his complaints, previous illnesses, treatment and medical interventions, medications used, if any, and their

c) arriving at the control at the time appointed by the doctor and give feedback on the course of their

ç) arriving at the appointed date and time and notifies about the changes.

d) respecting the rights of patients who are given priority under the relevant legislation, other patients and the staff of the institution.

e) allowing no verbal or physical abuse of the

f) contacting the Patients’ Rights Department when they believe that their rights have been violated or they are having a problem.

The rules that our patients must follow in our facility are listed below.

1. Provision of information

The patient must provide as complete and accurate information as possible about his current complaints, previous illnesses, hospitalizations, the methods of treatment used, the drugs used, and their health condition.

The patient must inform the institution if the general information about him changes, such as name, surname, address, telephone number, registration number.

2. Following the recommendations

When receiving services in our institution it is necessary to come to the control within the terms determined by our institution and provide feedback on the course of treatment.

The date and time of the meeting must be respected and any changes must be communicated in advance.

The treatment plan recommended by the staff responsible for our patient's treatment should be followed.

3. Refusal of planned treatment

Our patients must be aware of the fact that they may have consequences if they refuse treatment or do not follow the instructions of their doctor.

4. Expenses for examination and treatment

The patient is obliged to pay the amount charged for the services provided in the course of the treatment within the period specified by the institution.

5. Rules and procedures of the medical institution

  • The patient must adhere to the hospital's policies and procedures regarding treatment and behaviour.
  • Children should not be brought to a health facility unless they are sick and are being treated as patients.
  • Loud talk and noise are not allowed in healthcare facilities.
  • Toilets and sinks should be handled carefully and rubbish should be thrown into the trash can.
  • Smoking is prohibited in medical facilities.

6. Showing respect

  • Facility staff and other patients should be treated with kindness and understanding.
  • The rights of staff and patients who are given priority under the relevant legislation should be respected.
  • Do not subject personnel to verbal or physical attacks.
  • Consideration should be given to warnings by security guards and facility personnel.

7. Pressure and complaints

Doctors and staff should not be pressured or mistreated.

You should not make unfair claims against the institution, doctors and employees.

If a patient feels that his rights have been violated or they are experiencing problems they must first and immediately contact the Patients’ Rights Department.

8. The situation of an infectious disease

Patients who are suspected or diagnosed with an infectious disease should notify the authorities.

9. Inappropriate request

The patient should not require the administration or use of any medication that the authorized physician does not consider appropriate and has not included in the treatment plan.

The patient should follow the principles and rules of the institution and should not claim any privileges or services.

10. Liability for compensation

The equipment and property of the institution must not be damaged, and in the event of damage, the cost will be paid by the person who caused the damage.